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Es hat sich gelohnt!
Im Sommer 2013 hat Katrin Lübs ihr Kunststudium am Sheffield Institute of Arts, der ältesten und eine der bedeutendsten Kunstschulen Englands, erfolgreich beendet.
Die Gruppenausstellung “Where is the work?” im S1 Artspace war der krönende Abschluss und lockte zahlreiche Kunstfreunde an.
Fortan darf sie sich “Master of Fine Art” nennen.
Die Suche nach der Bedeutung von Kunst in der Architektur in der englischen Industriestadt Sheffield, der “Steel City”, hat zu vielen spannenden Entdeckungen und künstlerischen Arbeiten geführt.

“Life, people, city, nature … our world is changing rapidly. Globalization leads to the disappearance of our traditional cultural features. I seek to question what we need in architecture to identify with a place.
Coming to Sheffield I found this city to be full of discoveries leading me to search for its urban particularities. I ask what makes it special and how much local connection we still need.
Ornaments form the last link to the history of unused buildings. Disregarded by the pedestrians, historical substance breaks down slowly, almost unnoticed. My work uses selected examples of impending loss to draw attention to these treasures. Action on site awakens passersby from their daily routine and includes them.
The typical British terraced houses seem to grow endlessly into the landscape, all equal in shape, rhythm and color- forming clear structures. The inhabitants` desire for individuality is reflected in their entrances where lifestyle and national pride step out. This diversity interests me, as well as the strong contrasts in English cities.
Today art has long entered a new dimension in modern architecture, and is far more than mere decoration.”